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Many people have quite rightly taken advantage of the government scheme which allows you to buy a bike on a 'salary sacrifice' basis.

This basically means you save money and get a nice new ride to work! There is really no downside to this and can provide you with a positive lifestyle change and of course help you contribute to a cleaner and safer place to live.

Picture yourself zooming along past cars and buses every day getting fitter with every pedal stroke and having the right to eat a massive breakfast in return! Good times.

At The Bike Chain we offer a wide range of suitable bikes for the scheme and also provide a huge range of accessories you may wish to consider also. Click me to see some ideas.

Generally you can apply for any voucher value up to £1000.

You may not wish to spend this sum of money so we can talk you through the options at each price point. In general the least you should consider to spend is a £300 voucher. Of course, in reality, you will actually spend less than that as you will pay back the voucher value in your pre-tax income. This means you effectively get the bike and kit TAX FREE! Nice.

 ---Please note that we cannot offer any sale bikes or discounted bikes on the Cyclescheme, further to this we administer a 15% charge on Halfords vouchers to cover the 15% commission they charge us---

 We have decided not to accept mail order Cyclescheme business for your protection - currently there is no officially recognised safety net for mail order Cyclesheme and until there is one we feel this is the safest thing to do for all concerned. 

There are 2 main schemes in operation and it will depend on your employer as to which you will participate in. The 2 providers are Cyclescheme and Halford Cycle to Work.

We take both vouchers with the following exception as of 1/11/09 - Employees of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group participate in a Halfords ONLY scheme and as such we are unable to accept a voucher from them. If in any doubt as to what your scheme allows then please just call us and we will clarify.

The Bike Chain are keen proponents of this initiative and operate it in the spirit of it's intention. This means we provide you with a bike that is intended to get you to and from work. We are also obliged to point out that we will not be able to accept a voucher as 'part payment' towards a bicycle and that the voucher MUST be used to purchase a fully assembled bike not parts for another.

You will no doubt have questions that this brief description does not answer and we would be delighted to invite you into the shop to discuss or just drop us a line on 0131 557 2801. Alternatively send us an e-mail to Email Clicky Linky

The following websites will be of some use to you as an employee and also as an employer: and

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