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Here you will find links to people we love to deal with. Invariably they are great people who work hard and have a passion for what they do. Please take the time to click through to some of them – go on, turn the telly off for 20mins and have a read!


A magazine that captures the essence of mountain biking in the UK. Has a good user forum where you will get any info you might need quickly and with some enthusiasm!

MOO cafeteria in Edinburgh provide us supreme athletes with pies, burgers and cakes. Top classic nosh for winter days and hungry bike shop people. Go check em out.

For the commuting residents of Edinburgh there is a lively forum offering advice and a head up to potential issues in the city's fair streets.

Take a wee look on CityCycling 


We work closely with the guys at Ridelines – they basically work with you to increase your confidence on a mountain bike at various levels – you can choose.  It's rare to find instructors who can really ‘teach’ rather than just demonstrate.


Is Morrocco your thing?  We have hooked up with these guys, go get some big hot mountain riding done.



Ole! If you fancy a trip riding the trails in the Basque region with a rather handsome Scottish man called Doug then hit up the Basque MTB website and get in touch. Like the White Room, we offer you a discount code to buy things you might break when you go out there... click the box below to go to Basque MTB!




The White Room.

Question: DO you like cake?

Answer: Yes

Proposal: email these guys and get yourself booked on what will be the best week of riding you will have ever had. Get a group of mates together, book out the chalet, eat cake, drink beer, hi five etc.

If you think these holidays are expensive then have a re-think. Steve and Iona are legends – you will feel like paying them more at the end of the week -  you wonder just how they can work as many hours as they do.

Incidentally – the riding is simply amazing. If you book a holiday then Steve will give you a special discount code for our site to get you some new bits cheaper than normal.

Embers Merino

Chris and Mariann supply a truly great quality product – never the cheapest but then Merino shouldn’t be cheap, a sheep had to have a haircut! Fit and finish is excellent, the garments work, they outlast many other brands and all this comes from 2 happy people who work really hard and put the legwork in around the country to promote their wares.  The leggings.... get some!

Put simply – The Best Coffee in Edinburgh. Go and visit, get a proper coffee for a change, not the homogenous hot brown water most places seem to be pushing,  Great staff who always take the time to make each cup special. A rare treat.

Need somewhere to stay if you are visiting Edinburgh...?
The chaps at 94dr will be pleased to take any enquiries for accomodation. They even have bikes from us you can borrow!
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