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COMPETITION TIME:  Go check out for how to enter - trust me, this is a prize you will want!!! 


Get some Skills... for not an extra penny - We had our eyes opened to what can be achieved on a bike if you know what you are doing!  TBC have a unique offer,

buy a Mountain Bike worth £1,500 in store and you qualify for a weekend with the handsome Andy from Ridelines < click for more details on what they do.   



As of today we are adding a different payment system to our web shop.  Bear with us while we take down the WorldPay system logos - your payment will be handled on site from now on, and this means you will not be navigated away from TBC when ordering your new bike bits.

FYI the payment system provider is a company called Iridium if you are at all concerned with knowing the ins and outs of who is handling your card details. We selected them as they are the most secure we can find for your continued card security.


As was the case with WorldPay we never get to see or record your card details at any time.  They are encoded and handled seperately for maximum card security. 


Competition time to win a Crank Brothers Iodine 3 saddle.

All you have to do is head over to our Facebook page (link above) and then 'Like' us - sign up to our Mailchimp newsletter and then your name goes into a hat and the first name drawn out wins!  Can't say fairer than that can we! 

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We got mystery shopped by Future Publishing recently. They are the guys behind WMB and MBUK magazines.

Here is what they said about us:

The Bike Chain, Edinburgh
Mystery shop date: 4 May 2011
Independent store aims to ‘make people happy’ – does it succeed?

Occupying a tucked away position a few minutes’ walk from Edinburgh’s city centre, what The Bike Chain’s compact showroom lacks in outright volume of product it makes up for in staff friendliness.
Our mystery shopper was warmly greeted and, afer listening to his request for advice, the salesman patiently covered all the bases of suspension fork choice. From axle, brake and spring types to length of travel, the explanations were clear and accurate and the recommendation of a basic 100mm air fork at slightly below £300 was right on the money, although there were no forks in stock at the time.
So far, so much like the service we received elsewhere. But The Bike Chain’s approach differed from the other stores we visited in two important respects. First, the salesman asked our mystery shopper to describe what problems he was experiencing with his current fork. Second, he suggested considering spending £120 or so on a mountain bike skills course before upgrading the fork, and sent him away with the contact details for a local instructor.

Price 4
Product range 2
Service 4
Store experience 4
Customer satisfaction 4.5
Overall 4

Highs: The basics of sound technical advice are here, but The Bike Chain’s customer-focused approach is refreshingly different.
Lows: If you really must splash your cash, there’s a slight feeling that you’ll have to persuade the staff to take it.
Overall verdict: A pragmatic, friendly and unpressured approach means you’re likely to end up making a good choice.


Well it ain't a 5 out of 5 so we have some more work to do to sort that but at least we know where we can improve.  Would be keen to see how we got on against the others... 



So we have been busy playing about with some new projects and things behind the scenes here. Over the next weeks we will be making some subtle changes to the site and also in store - infact we have started already. Small things admittedly but they should have a positive effect on your experience with us.

In other news Mark TBC got married a few weeks ago and has returned from Honeymoon a new man.  Back to riding now though seeing as all the planning and preparation of a wedding is done. ;-)

You may have heard we have dipped our toe in to frame making collaboration with Dialled Bikes. We have had 2 Titanium Alpines made in a 16 and 18 size for prototyping.  First feedback from Jimmy J-Hatch McHatfield and Mark in store is very encouraging. More on this later.... exciting stuff.

Craig McC joined us recently on the web side of the business and is chomping at the bit to increase our road offering. You will now see more brands and products added to our range in this flavour over time. For example, Argon 18 and Chapeau have been put on line and in store over thepast few weeks and we have more coming. Once again - the normal rules apply - we will not be all things to all men but we will continue to pick the right products that we know work well.

If you haven't been in the shop for a while come and say hi. It looks just about the same but we have some nice things to see! 


Well not been much news for a while... well there is lots of news but we have been a bit busy in store to catch up with ourselves.

So... we have a new member of the team as we continue to grow. Craig comes to us from a Snowsports background in web retail and will head up the 'e' side of the business to help us grow this area even more.  We will update you with info about what he is up to as we go along.

Other news - new products arrive late shocker! Ragley frames have appeared in small numbers to start with, if you are thinking of one then you need to buy when we have them as we cannot get consistent dates for deliveries.

POC is in - on time! We have a small drop to start with and we will be adding to this every week or two. Once again, like Ragley, buy it when you see it as we always run out early.

Speak soon! 

16/04/11 Scottish Bike Show - Now

Well we are at the Scottish Bike Show in the SSEC Glasgow right now - if you plan on visiting this weekend then please come and say 'Hola'.  

24/03/11 JOB!

So... we need a human to join our team here in store.  As anyone who has visited the shop will know, we are pretty driven but chilled folks. Do you know anyone who you think might slip in and join the team?  Perhaps you are looking for something new and want a real chance given to you to succeed and expolit opportunities.

It's one of those chances... 

TBC Team Member – Web Shop

We need a new member of the team to join us at The Bike Chain, here in Edinburgh.

The role is a full time Web Retail sales administrator of based in Edinburgh city centre. Salary to be negotiated.

Our reputation as Edinburgh’s finest cycle retailer has been earned by working hard, whilst finding enjoyment in our work. Our success is dependent on the high quality people in our team and our growing loyal customer base. We are committed to building our high caliber team which has resulted in turnover growth of over 30% year on year for the past 3 years. During 2010, The Bike Chain was nominated for both Best Bike Shop and Best On-Line Retailer by a national consumer magazine, something no other shop achieved.

The role on offer:

Working in our fast growing web retail ‘department’ you will be responsible for all aspects of its day to day operation

Assisting with the day to day operation of the shop, ordering and receiving goods as they arrive, assisting with customer enquiries and working flexibly with your colleagues to deliver results in line with our business goals and targets.

Operating our e-bay store

Answering queries from customers in a given time frame

Checking pricing of goods arriving

Checking customer payments made on line

Shipping sold goods daily

Promote and actively sell goods on line

Liaising with other team members


You will have excellent computer based skills and be willing to learn new ones where necessary

Ideally you will be of an outgoing nature and able to communicate in a variety of   ways with a variety of different people.  You will have a good understanding of the importance of social media and SEO 

You will be a long term type person, interested in making a career and aiming towards a long term goal

You will have an eye for detail and for doing things the right way

You will continuously analyse processes and think of new ways of doing things

You will want to work as part of a strong team and support your colleagues

Your focus will be on customers and developing long term relationships with them

We invite you to send in a CV showing relevant work history and skills; however we are much more interested in what you plan to do in the future over what you have done in the past.  Please submit a written piece no longer than 300 words on what you can do to grow our website and business.



Continuing our theme of extending the TBC brand beyond the confines of Rodney Street , we have two more events coming up......

On 31st March, Mark and Colin will be providing support, guidance, encouragement and company to extraordinary Scots adventuress Julie McElroy as she launches Julies Challenge by cycling from Edinburgh to Glasgow along the route of the Union and Forth & Clyde canals. We're really happy to be connected with Julie - she is a total inspiration! If you'd like to make a financial contribution, you can do so at Julies Justgiving page.

Stay tuned to this News page or to our Facebook page to see more developments with Julie and TBC.


On 3rd April, The Bike Chain will once again be organising a reconnaissance ride of the Etape Caledonia route. We're teaming up with Hervelo as many of the club have entered this year. Current plans are that we form two groups. The keen group will head off at around 20-25kph, aiming to complete the whole route. The casual group will aim for 15-20kph and, by missing out the Loch Rannoch and Fortingall loops, will do a smaller route of around 80km. They should also have time for a tea and scone break!

Post-ride refreshments will no doubt involve the Motor Grill at Ballinluig.

If you are interested in attending, please let us know by phone, by email or via Facebook. Please consider which group you'd like to ride with. Also let us know if you might need transport and we'll see if we can help arrange some car-sharing or a lift in Colins van.



We have elected to go to the Scottish Bike Show in April.  This is good.  As we continue to grow we seem to be getting involved in more and more events and things like that.  Go and read about the Show here> Scottish Bike Show 

21/02/11 - Compeition time! 7 days left

Many of you will have received our Valentines themed newsletter last week, if you didn't then you can click on this text to be shown it!.  On there you will see a link for a competition.

Have a go - send us a pic that shows us why you love riding and we will pick a winner to receive a Coffee Lovers Box from Foodies in Edinburgh. 


Well well well, we have De Rosa in store now.  We have started off with 2 models at the entry point of the range - we reckon they offer great value.  De Rosa is a road brand that people know and love, iconic and special. They make bikes you want to keep and bikes you can value, this is in contrast to some of the big American brands that churn all the time and create effectively disposable product that they charge you heaps for then charge you heaps more next year in advertising the new model you should buy because the last one is now obsolete.We are aiming to stick with brands that have instrinsic value built into their bikes. Cube, Ghost Lapierre are the only mainstream brand that we sell that has model years - HOWEVER they offer stupidly amazing value for money and genuinley.... there are no major improvements every year contrary to what the industry and mags might tell you.   Ibis, Yeti, Surly, Dialled Bikes all stick with a couple of models and go with them.  Consider what you are buying strongly when making a buying decision. There is so much fake choice out there it's unreal and quite confusing from a customers point of view.

We take the time to listen to you and work out with you what is really the best bike to look at and buy.  They are rarely flavour of the month in the mags but we guarantee what we sell you will always feel like a 5star award winner because it's YOUR bike not a journalists or 'mate who knows about bikes down the pub'.  

Your pennies are precious - spend them wisely and they will reward you for years and years.

Oh and the thing that started this was the De Rosa Milanino - it's on display in the shop, it is something to stop and look at, something to admire and something to make you want to ride. Not for the bikes sake but because it stirs up images of sunrises and sunsets and good times with your mates trying to rip each others legs off and then cruising along the water side.  

The minute this cast is off my arm I am on that bike. Gullane cake shop - Next Stop. 



TBC and friends were out riding at Glentress' Buzzards Nest yesterday, enjoying some rare winter sunshine while working on our gnarly airbourne skills. However, not everyone emerged unscathed from the woodland assault: Manager Mark had a spill on one of the mildly-moist ladder sections, which resulted in him making full use of his helmet whilst applying his face brake! Unfortunately his body armour didn't stop him breaking his left wrist, but he will most definitely be replacing his helmet that sustained terminal damage. Which neatly brings us to the topic of this week's in-store promotion....

If you too have a helmet that needs to be replaced, bring it along to The Bike Chain before 19:00 on Thursday 27-01-2011, select a new helmet and redeem your old one and receive a 20% discount from the marked RRP. We'll even send your old helmet away for recycling - SCORE!



Well, we didnt win (this time) but we're still feeling mighty pleased at being nominated - espacially in the big-hitting "Best Internet Retailer"  category. A big thanks to all who voted for us.

Things don't stand still for long, so we're making some changes to the website - mostly adding a few features and more content. We have a new "Weekly Special Offers" page where we'll be making some very short-term and often stock-limited deals happen.

You can see the page here: or click on the RSS link on that page to add it to your favourite Reader so as not to lose out.

If you can think of any special deals you would like to see, let us know. 



 Oooh ooh ooh we are up for an award thingy! How cool!

If you reckon we have done our jobs well enough then please show the love and we will throw a party if we win! 


It's Newsletter time - click this to see it just in case you were not on our email database

If you want to get emails from us then just register on the site. Don't worry - we rarely use it and we can't actually see any of your details apart from your email address. It's super safe.

Seasons Greetings from The Bike Chain 


Everywhere seems to be getting Xmas'd up in town - we will be resisting until we really have too... probably Xmas Eve! heh

If you need anything for people at Xmas then we would advise you do it sooner rather than later, some suppliers run out really early and sometimes you will struggle to get your first choice of gift. If there is anything you want that we don't list then just holler and we will sort it out!

Out of respect to our customers we don't do a New Year Sale where suddenly everything is half the price it was 3 days before.  We aim to offer good value all the time and reward our regular shoppers with promotions and offers all year through.  Become a regular with us and feel the difference - good deals are not just for Xmas! 


OOh Guy Fawkes night tonight - let's see how many fireworks get launched at us on the way home on the bikes....

In other news - we have a Ladies Night on the 19th of November in conjunction with the ladies from Hervelo. <<< click that for a linky magic turbo boost to their site.

We will have wine, some food and some ladies specific bargains in store exclusive for the night. We have been buying little bits and pieces you might like in advance and let's just say we have some highly interesting reductions on 2010 De Marchi clothing. Time to stock up on the shorts! You can never have too many short.

There will be free gifts too and of course Team Handsome TBC will be in attendance. Worth coming for alone i think you will agree.


Are you a Top Gun Mechanic looking to work in Edinburgh's fastest growing and quite frankly best bike shop?  Is your focus squarely on providing genuinely 1st class customer service? Do you think you have the ability to fix a 5 speed racer through to the latest Fox Talas forks all day long consistently? Do you want to work with a team of driven individuals hell bent on making a real difference to the bike retail market?

If you are nodding and think you are pretty handy then call Mark, 0131 557 2801 or come say hello.


So, videos... something we have been meaning to do for a while but have experienced delay with is getting some HOT VIDEO ACTION for you.

We have started a You Tube page - TBCEdinburgh YouTube page -  for you to go see.  

Over the next few cold dark windy and generally damp months a few of the team will be committing some megabytes and megapixels to immortality and bringing you some quite frankly amazing videos. hey we might even have a wash before we appear on screen.

In the meantime we have uploaded some video of the now famous TBC Wednesday Night Rides in the Pentlands and surrounding area. Bruce/Coastkid71 is the person responsible for filming as he has an almost habitual tendency to strap cameras to bars and make us do things like trained seals, so thank you Bruce for your continued Hollywooding of our evenings out. 

10/10/10 < that's a good date! 

As we love Yeti so much we literally trawl the internet ever hour for pics. Well not really, but you get the idea.

Todays treat is this pic of the new 575...



We were out last night in the hills getting muddy - Bruce (one of the chaps who comes along) makes excellent videos! Here is last night.




It's October. Month of Birthdays in the shop, there are 2. Feel free to bring us presents and cake - we like all cake and are not fussy.

We got a wee pile of Sanderson frames in on special price from Tony at Independent, they have the odd tiny cosmetic blemish on them and as a consequence we thought we would do a promo on them. Have a look and see what your new winter frame is going to be ;-)


Y'know sometimes I forget to come post something here, it isn't really a blog anyway I suppose, Facebook kind of does that.

It's been a busy month for all at TBC both personally and professionally...

Some of us have gained something in our lives and some of us have lost something in their lives.

What remain are friends, new and existing.  People to sip a few beers with. People to eat fish and chips with in a steam filled van. People to go riding with in a pitch black forest with bramble whisky and jelly babies and MASSIVE Owls flying overhead. People to chat to and pass some minutes with chatting nothing other than 'stuff'. People you decide to get to know who you think are quite decent actually and think the same as you...

So... the shop news.... well people are ace.  Sometimes you get let down, but on balance you get lifted a bit by those around you.  You gain a bit, you lose a bit, overall it's deffo a gain. It has to be really, cause it wouldn't work otherwise would it?

Go ride a bike for the afternoon, go for a walk or a run or as a pal of mine says, 'just be'. It sorts stuff out and helps define value.  

And anyway, if you can't just enjoy the sheer amazingness of having what is Now, then what can you enjoy... there isn't anything else.


Have a good time, whatever it is you choose to do. 


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