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...right then, welcome to TBC.

Firstly, thanks for clicking on us and coming to visit.

This is a short introduction (hopefully!) to us and what we are about – we aim to make the site a bit more friendly than most and hopefully a bit more personal. It’s nice to deal person to person but these days it seems harder and harder to do so. This being our little corner of the internet means we can at least try.

Like all businesses we have a list of goals and objectives – these can change over time due to all sorts of reasons and you get the odd day when you think everything is conspiring against you achieving them. BUT, one piece of advice I got from a mentor of mine is the over-riding goal is to ‘make people happy’ no matter what.

Yep – it can be a cheesy and corny thing to say, but if you mean it and act on it then things start to work out just fine.

What we aim to do overall with this site is to make you happy. That means offering you a good deal, spending the time with you to work out what you want and need from us, welcoming you in to the shop if you can visit and making sure we always do our jobs properly for you.

Your order will be assigned to one of the team who will make it their personal responsibility to make sure every stage of the process is as pain free as possible. They will contact you immediately if there is anything we feel you need to know or be made aware of and you can guarantee that as full time employees they will take your enquiry and order seriously and not treat you as a random person at the end of a computer or the phone.

As a small shop every one who takes the time to come to us whether it be on line or in person, matter to us greatly. We aim for old-fashioned service but using new technologies and handy things to make life easier!

To summarise our terms and conditions for you in one line – ‘if we mess something up then we will make sure you end up a happy person’. Nice and simple.

We really would like to stress that TBC is a collection of humans working to get you the bike or kit you want the most. We are not megabytes. To make things easier for you to order or get the answers you want and need then we invite you to call us in the shop. We are happy to go over everything you can think of and address your concerns. If you cannot call us then please email, we aim to respond to you within 2 hours during normal business hours.

It's really important to us that you know that we do actually care about you and the way you are looked after and that we are nit not a faceless auto email generating monolith.  People seem to like this and often comment that it is refreshing to find people who still work this way. It's my personal aim to make sure this never changes. The day it does is the day it all goes against what we believe in.  

Have a wander round the online shop – see if anything takes your fancy. If not then email us on and let us know what you were looking for that you couldn’t find. Next time you visit, we might just have it!



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